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Vol 14, Num 4 l July 2015

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Render unto Caesar the Venue Choice that Is Caesar’s: Venue Transfer and the “Interest of Justice” Standard Examined in In re Caesars Entertainment Operating Co.

Michael Sullivan
University of Georgia
School of Law
Athens, Ga.

Editor’s Note: The following article, “Render unto Caesar the Venue Choice that Is Caesar’s: Venue Transfer and the 'Interest of Justice' Standard Examined in In re Caesars Entertainment Operating Co.,” won the prize for third place in the Seventh Annual ABI Bankruptcy Law Student Writing Competition. Mr. Sullivan is a recent graduate of University of Georgia School of Law in Athens, GA, and a 2015 Medal of Excellence recipient.

Venue selection in bankruptcy cases has been a source of confusion and uncertainty from the enactment of the 1898 Bankruptcy Act through the bankruptcy reforms of 1978. Venue transfer has similarly become an intensely debated topic, particularly in the context of chapter 11 reorganizations. This is due in large part to the nebulous standard for transfer created by the language of the transfer statute, which was recently examined in In re Caesars Entertainment Operating Company.
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Stretching a Rule 'Till' It Breaks: The Unexamined Inapplicability of Till in Chapter 12 Cases Involving a Debtor’s Primary Residence


J. Jackson Waste
Baker Manock
& Jensen, PC

Fresno, Calif.

Since chapter 12 is modeled after chapter 13, plus the relative paucity of chapter 12 case law, there is a considerable degree of cross-pollination whereby chapter 13 case law is used to resolve chapter 12 issues.[1] Ordinarily, this is fine. Despite their similarities, however, chapter 12 is unique in certain respects. For example, chapter 12 plan payments may be made annually (instead of monthly), chapter 12 debtors may extend payments on secured claims many years beyond the end of the plan period, and a chapter 12 debtor may modify the rights of a creditor whose claim is secured only by a lien on the debtor’s primary residence.
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A Note from the Listserve Facilitator: Using the Committee Listserve


Rob P. Sweeter
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
Nashville, Tenn.

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Complimentary Teleseminar this Thursday - Make Whole Provisions

Jon Pearson
Ballard Spahr LLP

Christine Barba
Ballard Spahr LLP

While lenders have relied on the protections of make-whole provisions in their loan agreements in the voluntary redemption context for years, what happens when a borrower files for bankruptcy and challenges the enforceability of such provisions in the bankruptcy context? What specific language do bankruptcy courts require to ensure enforceability? What effect does the automatic stay have on these provisions in bankruptcy? What strategies have creditors and creditors’ committees employed to challenge these provisions? This teleseminar explores these questions in light of the recent important decisions in Momentive Performance Materials, Inc. and Energy Future HoldingsCorp, et al

Please tune in for this exciting teleseminar on July 16, 2015, at 4 pm ET:

Dial In: (712) 432-1500
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